Sharing launcher logs

Sharing launcher logs

Sometimes your game may crash, but it will not have any indication of doing so in the latest.log nor the debug.log file. To be able to debug the issue and see which mod is causing it, you need to check the launcher logs to have access to the entire console logging.

Below you will find instructions on accessing the console logs in different launchers.


We recommend sharing logs through Gist. While there are specialised websites for Minecraft for sharing logs (such as they have needless browser overhead and provide highlighting that can make reading the logs worse. We can help you more easily debug issues with the raw log.

Step 1

Select the logs tab of the profile you have launched. Select the logs tab

Step 2

Choose the Live Log from the log type drop-down. Choose live log

Step 3

Make sure that all logging levels are enabled. All logging levels

Step 4

Copy the logs to clipboard. Copy

Step 5

Paste the logs into a Gist.