Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find a list of commonly asked questions regarding Connector and its associated mods. It’s kept up-to-date to reflect the current state of the mod. If your question is not listed, we’ll be happy to answer you on our discord.

✅️ Porting to NeoForged 1.21+

Connector will be switching to the NeoForged modloader starting with its 1.21 port, which is now in development. An up-to-date overview of tasks can be found here.

The current plan is to keep 1.20.1 supported until the port is stabilized.

❌️ Backports

Backports to Minecraft versions older than 1.20.1 are not planned. Our focus is on future versions where compatibility will improve over time as major blockers are patched upstream, such as Mixin or transformable mc libraries.

❌️ Is OptiFine compatible?

OptiFine is not compatible with FFAPI / Connector, as is the case with many other mods, regardless of the modloader. Instead, we recommend using some of the available alternatives:

⚠️ Can I use a Forge mod with its Fabric addons and vice versa?

This largely depends on how the mod’s codebase and API are structured.

Multiloader mods

Some mods use a multiloader setup in which most code is shared between platforms, including the public API. In these cases, the chances of proper cross-platform behavior are higher.

A good example of this is Cloth Config, which only contains a platform-specific classes, none of which are considered public API.

Standalone ports

Other mods may consist of completely independent codebases for each modloader. This may be the case if you’re playing an unofficial port of the mod (such as Farmer’s Delight Fabric) or the author intended so themselves. This is the case for Geckolib, where most of the code (including APIs) is not shared between modloaders.

Standalone ports usually come with worse cross-platform compatibility for mods running on Connector, as there might be critical differences between platform code, often leading to ClassNotFoundExceptions and AbstractMethodErrors. The developers are, of course, not to blame for this. The concept of running one platform’s mods on the other is still quite new, and most developers don’t account for them.

⚠️ Hybrid servers and mobile launchers

Custom server APIs (such as Mohist, Magma, Arclight) are not supported. This also applies to launchers for mobile platforms (Pojav, FoldCraft) and pirated launchers.

Such platforms provide unpredictable environmenst in which mods might not function as expected, and therefore we can’t provide support for them. Ensuring mod compatibility is the platform’s duty, just like Connector tries its best to achieve parity when running Fabric mods on Forge.

ℹ️ How do I know if a mod is compatible?

Mod compatibility is often affected by other mods you have installed, therefore the best way to determine whether a mod is compatible is to test it out yourself in your modpack instance.

You can check out the Mod Compatibility Thread for testing reports from other users, they might be helpful.

ℹ️ When is a mod going to be made compatible?

It generally depends on how fixable the issue is. Some are as easy as changing the mixin injection target, while others need very specific patches to work. For example, Bewitchment was targetting a method that forge removes completely, so we had to come up with a substitute ourselves.

We revisit old issues from time to time, but for those that are left sitting there right now, it’s mostly because we couldn’t find a viable fix just yet. The patches connector uses on mods are meant not to be hardcoded, so rather than fixing a specific mixin in a mod, we try to think of a way to detect certain patterns and adapt them to forge’s code regardless of the mod, increasing the chances of getting other mods working in the process.

ℹ️ Reporting issues

🛠️ Modpack / general issues and crashes

If you’re having trouble running Connector, feel free to join our community on Discord, where we’ll be happy to help you out in the #support channel. When opening a thread, please make sure to provide a description of your issue and include the necessary game logs.

🐞 Confirmed bugs / Forge mod interference

Connector bugs should be submitted on our issue tracker. Each issue is reviewed and processed equally, so even if we can’t get to you immediately, please bear with us.

Here’s a few tips to follow when reporting issues:

  1. Make sure you are using latest available version. Look for existing issues that might’ve already been answered / fixed. Think about whether the issue is caused by Connector itself and not another mod you’ve installed. To test this, try reproducing the same issue on Fabric.
  2. Navigate to the issues tab and open a new issue. Select one of the available templates depending on the topic. Read the template carefully and thoroughly. Fill in the required fields. In order to increase our chances of identifying and reproducing the issue, please make sure to include as many details as possible.
  3. Once you’re done describing the problem, submit the issue. We’ll get to you as soon as we can.

Please note that providing as many details as possible is crucial to help us find and resolve the issue faster, while also getting you a fixed version ASAP.